Turn Unused Metal Scrap Into Cash

Take advantage of our steel recycling services in Odessa, TX

You might be able to toss your used aluminum cans in a recycling bin and put it on the curb. But what do you do with leftover steel scrap? Instead of worrying about the best way to recycle it, bring it to Grimes Iron & Metal in Odessa, TX.

Looking for a steel recycling service that takes care of everything for you? All you have to do is bring us your metal scrap and we'll weigh it and pay you in cash. You'll feel even better about scrap metal recycling with some extra cash in your pocket. Get more information about steel recycling when you call today.

How the process works

You won't have to worry about a thing when you choose Grimes Iron & Metal. We will...

  • Sort through your metal and steel materials to see what can be recycled
  • Weigh the box of recyclables to get an accurate total
  • Pay you in cash or check and send the materials to the proper refineries

Stop by our location today to make the most of your scrap with professional scrap metal recycling services.